Student Reviews

Some of our students’ reviews on our Sweet Artist Academy courses:

“★★★★★ Love it, love it, love it!!I did 2 classes with Patrick (so far) on Cafe Style Cakes and Individual Cakes! Great recipes, perfectly balanced!    Patrick, apart from being a sweet genius, creating stunning sweet masterpieces, proved to be a great mentor! You learn and can re-create everything learned in class. Easy and it is a high level of patisserie skills involved! Your loved ones will wait with anticipation your return from each masterclass!Those piles of cake boxes are taller than me;-) Thank you, Patrick!! Will be back for more! Can’t recommend your classes enough:-) “-Angelika Goloscapova

“Just had a fantastic class with Patrick. Chocolate was never so much fun! What a great day. I can’t wait to have another class with you.Thanks, Patrick!” – Jane Akerman

“Thank you, Patrick, I had a fabulous day, the Macarons are a bonus.” – Donna Hughes

“Just want to say a big thanks to Patrick for a great day today. My interest in making these little critters (macarons) has been renewed. Can’t wait to give it a shot at home 🙂 ” – Helene Feasey

“Never thought I’d be capable of creating cakes like this. Thank you, Patrick. Can’t wait to put into practice what you taught me.  I had an amazing day thank you, Patrick.” – Christine Runagall

“Thanks for a great day on the Macaron course! They were all devoured the next day!! Will be attempting my first home batch next week, fingers crossed!!” – Richard Ham

“Absolutely fantastic day today doing the Cake Decorating Level 1 Class –  LOVED it and highly recommend it.  My girls were in awe of my creation… even hubby was impressed!  Thanks again Patrick, I’ll be back soon to make my own brioche.” – Angela Bishop

“Had this beautiful cake at the dinner party tonight. What an amazing success. Felt very proud thanks to you Patrick. Will certainly make it again. Can’t believe I actually made it. My head has grown several sizes after the compliments but will ignore the increasing waistline.” – Christine Runagall

“Hi Patrick, I really enjoyed our bread-baking today, that was very special! The whole family has tasted the results and were suitably impressed. You have done well! I am looking forward to our next session(s)!! Best regards and wishes with your fantastic endeavours.” – Richard Hamilton QLD

“I did yesterday’s class (Chocolate Fantasia) and wanted to let you know it totally exceeded my expectations.  My family was very impressed and my husband has told me to go do another class. Thanks again, I had a wonderful time.” – Carole Roscoe

“Get in there guys! So much fun! Two classes down and I’m loving it !” – Marko Ivanovic

“Thank you, Patrick, for an awesome day yesterday. Us “Cakeworks” girls loved every minute of the Choux Pastry training and can’t wait till our next visit. Boy, we were all buggered by the time we got home to Bunbury.” – Jillian Williams

“Great day full of hands-on experience with beautiful ingredients and amazing recipes and all thanks to an awesome teacher! :)” -Dianna Velez  QLD

“The most amazing class. I loved learning new techniques working with chocolate – tempering chocolate is so much fun!!! Thanks so much for a great day Patrick :)”  – Jackie Martini  QLD

” Thank you for an amazing day. Patrick, you are an absolute star! 🙂 “- Michelle Hickson

” Fantastic day Patrick. Thanks so much again. What a great girlie day out we all had. Thanks, ladies. X ” Victoria Keep

“Thanks, Patrick for all your help. It was an amazing class. “-Leena Jessani

“Thanks, Patrick for such an amazing experience. I spent the day with joy. I would love to recommend Sweet Artist Academy for any Dessert lover. This place is a 100% hand-on experience, you will make everything from scratch. U will be proud of yourself in the end of the day with such a varied range of awesome product to take home. Also, Patrick is an informative and passionate lecturer. He teaches you in detail from his heart. Thanks again, Patrick. Will see you in the next class.”-Lancy Lam

“It was an amazing day, I learnt SO much – thank you, Patrick, for your wonderful teaching!     My advice to everyone is to do this class, even if it is not your birthday!”-Ruth Sprague

” I LOVED it! You were fantastic Patrick and my friends loved the bread I shared with them…The Fougasse was DIVINE! Thank you Thank you Thank you…can’t wait to do the chocolate course “-Linda Welsh

“Absolutely fabulous, had a great day and learnt many many new skills, Patrick is a fantastic teacher and the venue is very well set up. Highly recommended.” – Kate Saunders

“Thank you, Patrick, for a wonderful day! You are a patisserie genius and have inspired me to make/eat more cake!!” –Katie Barr

“Dear Patrick, Just a short note to say a big thank you for a wonderful day! We thoroughly enjoyed ourselves and learnt so much! You have officially “converted” my husband into a truffle making machine! That is the best gift you could give an 8-month pregnant wife We will definitely be back to learn some more skills off you. Once again thank you for a fantastic fun day! “-Tracey Grant

“I had learnt so much today and had a lot of fun too, thank you, Patrick, for being such an awesome teacher! ” –Sarita Rivers

“Thank you for a fabulous day. Thoroughly enjoyed it and learnt so much. We have just tried both cakes and they are delicious. Thank you for your patience, kindness and expert advice.”-Judy Bihari

“I would like to thank you for the fabulous cooking class last Friday, sooo … enjoyed it!And my family and friends loved the results.
I will be making them again  and practising the piping… soon.”- Lilian Hamilton

“Thank you for the amazing class today Patrick.  It was truly inspiring.  I look forward to trying to replicate the small cakes in my own kitchen.”-Jody Pederson

“A fantastic course (Individual cakes), I cannot recommend it enough. Tonight’s dessert was so divine, we just couldn’t decide which cake we liked the best. Thanks, Patrick for your time and guidance.”-Yvette Frost

“Just want to say you are an awesome, friendly chef and very helpful. You have such a beautiful nature which makes the students want to come back and learn more. Some people are dull and boring but you are outgoing, friendly and funny and that makes you such the best master chef.”-Louise Collopy

“Dear Patrick, thank you very much for another amazing day!
I enjoyed making the gingerbread house and Xmas log, my daughter loves them.. When I saw your house this morning,  I didn’t think I could do it but every step was very clear. I’m looking forward to taking Xmas treat 2! ” –Hyun young Kang

“Just a quick message to say a massive Thank You for a very enjoyable class yesterday – Individual Cakes. I enjoyed it so much that I do feel I have missed my calling, I should have pursued this passion of cake making when much younger. I have been sharing the cakes out among neighbours and also whilst visiting some of my family late yesterday and this morning. Some refused to believe that I had indeed made these cakes, it took some persuasion on my part. Needless to say, they were all suitably impressed. I hope to see you again at another class in the not too distant future. With kind regards.” – Roslyn Park

“Thanks for a great time yesterday.  The day just flew – so much to learn and you made it all fun! ” – Sarita Rivers

“This is the most amazing day. Such good value for money. Go with a friend, go in a group or go alone you won’t be sorry. An experienced cook or a novice cook will enjoy this day. Thank you, Patrick” –Jane Guthrie

“Awesome class! Best trainer ever really enjoyed the day! Best present ever, thx Patrick!” – Shirley Croxson

” Thanks, Patrick, my proudest achievement. Baking in your kitchen is my happy place!!” – Bev Green

“Thanks for an amazing fun course, Patrick. It was the BEST!!!!!! ” – Leonie Beckett

“Thank you very much, Patrick. It was another wonderful day..kneading and baking 5 different loaves of bread was challenging, but it was totally worth it.
I really enjoyed my freshly baked bread for lunch. I am very proud of what I made today, and Looking forward to trying at home.” – Hyunyoung Kang

“Thanks, Patrick for the valuable Macaron training. I am now going to throw my previous Italian meringue method out the window! Hahaha! “- Rebecca Seow

“Thank you, Patrick, we had an amazing day with leftovers for weeks! It was an entirely hands-on course and we really got the chance to practice everything. It’s so important to fine-tune our skills constantly and you are a very experienced and great teacher to learn from. Thank you.” Jessica Shelton – London Cafe & Bar

“Thank you, Patrick, I had such an amazing day, I learnt so many new things and can’t wait to try them out at home!” –Imogen Mac Donald

“You bring me to real culinary field Patrick. To use our heart to make the product. Your decoration broaden my horizons, that because you used to work in different countries, travel and visit different shops and gather, master their benefit—–they are your unique treasure and a symbol of experienced pastry chef as well——-in every class, I can learn a little bit new skill ” – Ken China

“I had an amazing experience with the Large European Cakes course. Patrick is an amazing teacher and the cakes we made looked and tasted divine. Can’t wait to do the macaron course next! “- Kristen Thackray

” I’ve had so much fun today!! You’re the best and the nicest chef lecturer I’ve ever met! You’ll be seeing a lot of me on your other training classes. Thanks again Patrick :)”- Nadira Fachry

“It doesn’t get any better than this. Always a pleasure creating new and delicious treats.”- Faith Vranjican

”  Hey, Patrick I really enjoyed those two days! Pulled and blown sugar… We made two real showpieces in only 2 days, by ourselves, from zero knowledge !! it was totally worth it flying from Melbourne, I’ll come over again.. Maybe for level 2? Thanks for everything and your kind hospitality! Guys go for it, this class is amazing! “-Stefano Cusumano

” Thanks, Patrick for a very enjoyable and fruitful day of learning to make these cakes from you. Our friends and we enjoyed each of them thoroughly this evening. they not only looked so beautiful but tasted heavenly too… Am on cloud 9 now 🙂 “- Cecilia Tong Mei Han

“Patrick, you are such an inspiration! Great classes!!! “- Erica Tanase

“Hey Patrick, Thank you for the class. You were amazing and very passionate. I really enjoyed it. Everyone who had my individual European cakes loved it. Thank you .” Asanka Nandika.  Melbourne’s chef.

“Such a pleasure working with you Patrick, I value your knowledge and your willingness to pass on your skills as only a true professional does. You have the secret to immortality. Looking forward to my next training already!

“I write to say that I thoroughly enjoyed the classic French desserts class I attended last Sunday.  It was very intuitive and so well organized even though it was a large class.  The pastries were absolutely delicious.  I learn quite a lot and would like to come back to do the European bread 2 in August after my holidays.  I will make a booking soon.  Merci beaucoup.Kind regards “.-Viviane Boylan.

“Thank you, Patrick, I have learned so much from you and still have so much more to learn. Couldn’t have asked for a better teacher. And am so proud to be your student. Look forward to enjoying more of your classes. And thank you for everything. :))”-Hiral Patel.

“Hi, Patrick! I took the Caramel Sensation cake to work yesterday and put it in the tea room (with instructions to ‘help yourself’) I got so many compliments including a very complimentary email from my executive director! You are amazing! ” –Jo Gibbs

“I’ve done a couple of great cooking classes in Paris but Patrick’s Individual Cakes class trumps them all!!   We made 12 x three different types of cakes and WOW, they looked soooooo professional and better still, tasted as good as the delicious, gourmet offerings at LaFayette!  Patrick is relaxed, helpful, informative and very passionate about his craft – simply a great instructor.  He restricts his class number to 7 or so, enabling everyone to have their own cooking area and stove and also time to give individual attention when needed.  It was great value for money, especially considering we took home 36 scrumptious pieces of edible art!  Can’t rave about this place enough, I’m definitely going back for more! Cheers ” –Pippa Lukeis 

” The only problem with Sweet Artist Academy is that you get totally addicted to the classes! I just did a macaron class today and I couldn’t be happier! Amazing teacher, great techniques, very down to earth and a very professional environment. I’m extremely pleased with everything and I brought home a box filled with scrumptious macarons! Can’t wait for the next class!” –Carolina Camara

“Dear Patrick, thank you so much for teaching me to make confectionery today! It was very eye-opening and I feel like I have learnt a lot from spending the morning with you. Thank you for being so patient with me and for answering all my questions. Thank you also for your generosity with sharing your wealth of knowledge with me. I will not hesitate to recommend your classes to anyone and I hope to see you again soon! Macarons and chocolates next! ” _Nadia Haniff

“Hi, Patrick I hope all your classes are going well. I have finally enrolled in TAFE to do my cert 4 in patisserie.. thank you for inspiring me ☺”- HashleyEdmonds

” ★★★★★ It was such a pleasure working with you chef and learn from your experience in this industry, my trip from Melbourne was worthwhile attending one of your valuable master class.
I will definitely go back for more, please keep me updated about new recipes arrival and what you think might be of interested to me to attend.
Once again thank you very much, and i will see you again. “Milad .Melbourne ‘s chef”

“★★★★★ A greater than 5-star training!  Was such a wonderful and enjoyable learning experience. Couldn’t believe but we were able to make 5 different kinds of beautiful artisan bread in under 6 hours! So happy to be rewarded with large box-loads of great smelling and tasting bread at the end of the day.  Thank you, Patrick, for making artisan bread-making so fun and easy to learn and your passion that always inspire.  Can’t wait to replicate them at home. Thank you ” –Cecilia Mei Han Tong

” I just wanted to tell you how much I enjoyed the two classes particularly the sweet yeast pastries, my family were very impressed, I learnt so much, more than reading my hundreds of cookery books. So thank you for being so patient.” –Helen Apps

“Good day Patrick. I hope you are well. I once did some lessons with you and had since relocated to Zambia where I am now running a cake business and I must say that the black forest and cheesecake I learned from your class are definite hits. Thank you .” –Nsama Mwaba

“You are a fantastic,  passionate, humour full teacher and it was a pleasure to be in your class. ” – Ben McAvoy’s

“Hello Patrick. I just wanted to thank you for everything you do. You are not just a great teacher but a wonderful human being too. It’s always a pleasure attending your class and learning from you. Everyone loved the macarons at home. Thank you once again ” – Amna Salman