How To Start A Cake Business From Home?

A sweet aroma of freshly cooked cake wafts from the oven. You take the cake out, decorate it, and marvel at it. You’re ecstatic with your fantastic cake and personally hope you could launch a cake shop from home. You start selling the cakes to friends and relatives after being persuaded by them. But, since you’re so enthusiastic about baking cakes, you also want to expand your cake business to attract a wider audience.

Is this so you? Then this is the sign that you’ve been waiting for.

Balloons Sydney, an event organizing company, believes that a birthday celebration won’t be complete without a cake. CEO Harry Nevin has always been a supporter of local bakers and entrepreneurs. According to him, “The cake industry in Australia has seen massive growth in recent years because of the increasing consumer demands, the emerging cafe community, and, of course, social networking. Due to these factors, a huge proportion of women entrepreneurs have started home-based cake businesses and are achieving great success in the industry.”

Starting a cake business from home is never an easy venture, but it is possible.  Good thing Sweet Artists Academy does all of the heavy liftings for you! This helpful guide will walk you through everything you need to understand about starting and running a home-based baking business. Are you ready? Let’s get started.

Draft A Solid Business Plan

Start your home-based cake business by creating a solid and actionable business plan. Everybody wants to skip this step and go right to the baking, but it is indispensable. In doing your business plan try to answer essential questions such as

  • How much did it cost you to produce the product, and how much would you charge for it? Where are you going to sell?
  • What strategy would you use to promote yourself?
  • Is your product in high demand in your area?
  • What kind of rivalry would you face?
  • In terms of price and consistency, how do your goods relate to those of your competitors?
  • How long would it take you to break even?

Remember that your business plan can determine the viability of your business. So, rather than banging your head into a brick wall for months questioning why your company isn’t running, make a plan. Doing it better, not faster, is the way to go.

Obtain License And Permits For Food Businesses

The next thing to keep in mind is you need a permit for food safety and a license to sell food products.   For all food startups in Australia, a license and permit to operate are required.  If you are caught conducting business without a license, you will be fined, which might jeopardize your business. Better yet, get started right by obtaining the requisite licenses and permits.

Learn How To Bake Professionally

This means going past the fundamentals of baking. Sure, you know that much about cakes to open a business, but even after you’ve developed your brand, you can continue to improve your baking skills. Keeping your expertise up to date can be a crucial component of your cake marketing strategy. That’s what will set you apart from the competition and help you to better your craft.

Complete The Necessary Baking Tools And Equipment Needed

Your cakes are the show-stopper; they’re why people come to you in the first place. Having the appropriate baking tools and equipment is crucial. Mixing pots, measuring spoons, a great spatula, a decent baking oven, a baking sheet, cooling racks, and an excellent food mixer are some of the most helpful baking equipment you need.

Come Up With A Good Marketing Strategy

Without a sensible marketing campaign in place, no cake business could thrive. If you’re considering cake marketing ideas or how to market a cake company, the first thing you can do is create a brand logo. The next step is to have a website and different company accounts on social networking platforms. These are platforms where your clients can find all of the details they need about your products business and see pictures of your cakes. If you have the resources, you can disperse pamphlets around the area for offline ads. Participating in cake fairs and exhibits is another excellent place to meet new people. Another essential component of a successful communications campaign is networking.

Get Baking With Sweet Artist Academy

It can be a challenge to start a cake business from home, but all it needs is a little time and your commitment.

Sweet Artist Academy makes your dream cake business at home quick and easy. We have the courses and all the resources you need to get your business at home going. So check our class calendar, book a class with Sweet Artist Academy, and get your cakes in front of the nation!

Written by Eliana Evison