Home Baking Tips for Beginners

Does your family have a taste for pastries? Do you host parties or little gatherings often? In any case, you should learn these essential tips from the pastry chefs across Australia:

Read the Whole Recipe

The recipe is like a blueprint. You’d prefer to see the whole picture than to take glimpses of it as you go, right?

Read the whole recipe first so you can prepare all the ingredients and materials. Doing this can also help mentally prepare for the task.

Use A Digital Scale

Weighing can take up a lot of time. A digital scale speeds up the process because you won’t have to firmly pack the floor into a cup or manually calculate how many raisins is equal to a cup of raisins. There will be fewer utensils and less clean-up.

Invest in Quality Tools

DAR Kitchen Rental Expert, Karina Wolfin says, “If you’re determined to become a pro, make sure you have the tools of a pro. This doesn’t necessarily mean you should purchase high-end brands. Browse the internet and consider more affordable alternatives with good user reviews.

For a less messy baking experience, get a standing mixer. It does all the work!”

Room Temperature is Better for Most Ingredients

Room temperature maintains the right consistency in most ingredients, including eggs. When eggs and other ingredients are within the same temperature, they tend to mix and rise faster. Overall, you can save a lot of baking time.

Unless the recipe specifies the ingredients should be chilled, frozen, warm, or hot.

Mixing and Beating Are Not the Same

Beating is more intense than mixing. It means totally blending the ingredients until you can’t see any clumps. You’re done beating if the ingredients are now a sticky amalgam with no exact representation of its ingredients.

Beating introduces air into your mixture, giving your baked goods a light and crumbly texture. The air is particularly important with pies and bread.

Melted Butter and Softened Butter Are Not the Same

Some home bakers think that sitting out a hard butter or putting it in a microwave for 10-15 seconds is equal to “softened butter”.  Melted butter gives a chewy effect, while softened butter delivers a cake-like consistency.

Sometimes It’s Far from What You See in Magazines

When we see a pastry recipe with mouth-watering photos in magazines, we tend to get frustrated if we don’t get the same results.

Accept that it takes practice to master baking. Start with simple projects and build your skills from there. Invite a loved one to help and ask for feedback and just make think of it as a bonding time. Baking can be truly relaxing and enjoyable if you remove the pressures.

Learn to bake from a world-class pastry chef Patrick Vuaillat at the Sweet Artist Academy! He’s worked in the pastry industry for over 41 years now, winning the Edith Cowan University’s Business Person of the Year award and owner of Sugar & Spice Patisserie in Joondalup, winner of the best bakery in Australia in 2010.

Written by Eliana Evison