Frequently Asked Questions

Am I eligible to attend – what do you mean by “Public” and “Trade”?

Yes, if you are 16 years or older you can attend. “Public” means the general public, anybody really e.g. Mums and Dads! “Trade” is people whose work is related to the food industry.

How can I contact you?

You can contact us by email or complete the online inquiry form on our Contact page on this website. We can also be contacted through our facebook page.

What is a prerequisite?

A prerequisite is the level of information/skills you must attain before progressing to a higher level. The prerequisite for each course is specified on each individual course’s schedule.

Which level do I register for?

All our classes are designed for beginners and intermediate, you can attend any class without a specific order.

What resources will I receive?

At the completion of the training, each student will receive a recipe booklet, a Certificate of Attainment and you get to keep the apron provided.

What is involved in a demonstration course?

If the course is a demo only, you will be learning by observing the techniques and listening to instructions. There will be no hands-on training.

What time does the course start and do I get changed?

You must arrive at the school 15 minutes before the start of the training. There is a change room and lockers are provided for your personal belongings, but you shouldn’t really need to change your clothes.

What about lunch?

We provide tea, coffee, and soft drinks. You must bring your own lunch or organise it from nearby lunch bar. A fridge is available to keep your food fresh. Microwave and oven are also available to re-heat your food.

Where do I park?

We have plenty of free parking in front of our school, and we are just a 10-minutes walk from Joondalup train station. (free pick up and drop off available).

Can I take home my pastry masterpiece?

Students will take home all their production and display at the end of the day.

Can I take photos or video footage on my phone or camera while in class?
Video recording and photos are allowed but do not include another student in your shot without asking him/her first.