Sugar Art : Sugar blowing .

blow 4blow 2blowingblow3 nov1 puul3What you will learn in this course:

Element performance criteria:

  1. Introduction to equipment.
  2. Overview on different types of sugars, different use of recipes, use of glucose, acid citric, Isomalt.
  3. How to cook your sugar using normal sugar and Isomalt.
  4. How to silk it and turn it into different shapes.
  5. Learning the basics techniques to blow sugar.
  6. Blowing apple, pear, banana, peach, apricot.
  7. Use of aerograph to paint your fruits.
  8. Make a small base using pouring sugar technique to display your finished product.

Demonstration of ribbon technique.

We will tell you how to acquire the equipment to practice for yourself at a realistic cost.

Be aware that thumb blisters can occur due to lack of practice. We cannot be liable for this injury. Your registration on this course indicates your agreement that you have been made aware of this problem and that we won’t accept liability for those injuries.

Students will take their finished products home with them.

Recipe book, apron and gloves will be provided at the beginning of the course, for student to keep.

Prerequisites: No prerequisite for this course – open to public and trade.

Course Duration: 7½ hours

Price: $245.00

Essential reading prior to attending: Safety Information

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