Modern European cakes .

cake 9 cake cake2 cake3 cake4 cake9What you will learn in this course: 

European Cakes

In this course students will learn a lot of modern cake’s bases to mix and match, and turn them into many different masterpieces.
New glazing and icing techniques used in Europe.

Element performance criteria:

In this course each student will make two different modern European Cakes, we don’t do share work. The emphasis will not be on the cakes themself but more on all the different techniques and recipes necessary to create them. Depending on the course it will include some of the following products. (Not all these bases will be created on the day.) All will be done from scratch, no premix used.

  • Lime sponge
  • Biscuit Parisian
  • Chocolate/ fruits mousses.
  • Chai tea filling
  • Chocolate  garnishes
  • Cream anglaise/Bavarian cream
  • Fruit stew and jellies
  • Malibu  mousse.
  • Mirror glaze dark/ white

You can watch a 3 minutes video on this training.  

Students will take their finished products home .

Recipe book and apron will be provided at the beginning of the course, for student to keep.

Prerequisites: No prerequisite for this course – open to public and trade’s people.

Course Duration: 7½ hours

Price: $245.00

Essential reading prior to attending: Safety Information

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