Choux Pastry/ Eclairs.

choux2 choux 4 choux 7choux5 chouxchoux6What you will learn in this course:

Choux pastry and all its forms.

In this course, students will discover the endless ways to easily transform and bake perfectly choux pastry into many different cakes and desserts. The latest recipes from France.

Element performance criteria:

  • Prepare the choux mix.
  • Pipe eclairs
  • Make a chocolate glaze.
  • Make different creams  for filling.
  • Make strawberry stewed for filling.
  • Make a pistachio cream.
  • Make a salted caramel cream
  • Lay out coloured chocolate to decorate the eclairs.
  • Decorate remaining items using chocolate , meringues nuts

Click on the link to see a demonstration of this training. to be updated


Students will take their finished products home with them.

Recipe book and apron will be provided at the beginning of the course, for students to keep.

Prerequisites: No prerequisite for this course – open to public and trade.

Course Duration: 7½ hours

Price: $240.00

Essential reading prior to attending: Safety Information

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