Cake Decorating – Beginner

DSC01353.JPG1wed1DSC01629DSC01639DSC01641What you will learn in this course:

In this course students will familiarise themselves with all the basic aspects of cake decorating that uses fondant, also known as plastic icing, RTR (Ready to Roll) and Royal icing. For this course, as the focus is not on the cake but the decor itself, we will use two tiers foam cake.

The decor techniques you will learn will be based around commercial cake decorating, not hobby cake decorating. For example, roses will only take you 5 minutes each to make without cutters, compared to the more complex flowers made using cutters and petals one at the time, which is very time consuming and commercially not practical. The idea is that you can make the cake at a commercial standard, in a relatively reasonable time and achieve a profit, based on the time it took you to make your masterpiece.

Element performance criteria:

Students will learn how to decorate a two tier foam cake using various techniques.

Some of the techniques involved will be:

  • Rolling icing
  • Covering the foam cakes with Plastic icing and royal icing.
  • Using a crimper for border decorating.
  • Making icing drapes to place around the cake.
  • Making paper piping bags, piping filigrees with royal icing around the cake.
  • Piping large icing borders with piping bag.
  • Making roses and leaves for the cake.
  • Using the air brush to shade parts of the cakes.

See you soon for training.

Watch this short video to show you what a day of training involves.


All the tools will be available for each student to use, there won’t be a need to buy any tools.

Students will take their finished products home with them.

Apron will be provided at the beginning of the course, for students to keep.

Prerequisites: No prerequisite for this course – open to public and trade.

Course Duration: 6 ½ hours  ( 9am to 3.30pm)

Price: $245.00

Essential reading prior to attending: Safety Information

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I had thought about doing a cake decorating class for a while and I’m glad I finally did. Patrick was an amazing teacher who broke each technique down and went through everything step by step. The class was a good length of time to be able to pick up each technique. I came from having no experience at all to learning some fantastic beginner techniques to get me started. Patrick is a really nice teacher, very approachable and there was no question too silly for him to help me with and he also had a great sense of humour! I’m looking forward to doing another class ?   Sharlina.