6 Signs You Are in The Right Pastry Cooking Class

So, if you enrolled in a pastry cooking class Perth a few weeks ago. And now you’re wondering if you made the right decision.

We’ve prepared a checklist for you. Read through to know if you should go on or try a different culinary class.

1. You’re having fun

The most important thing about learning to cook is having fun. While it’s true that the culinary life isn’t always butterflies, the experience should be enjoyable as a whole.

Despite the bread-like croissant surface and burnt pies, there’s fun in learning to cook pastries. You just have to find it.

If you’re having fun, it’ll be easier to learn and share your knowledge. You might even develop a passion for baking over time.

2. You’ve accepted the non-creative aspects of cooking

One of the common obstacles that culinary students have to overcome is accepting the technicalities of cooking.

While limitless creativity is essential, there’s also a lot of science and math. You will scale, sieve, mix, knead, punch, heat, etc. These might sound dull, but they’re all essential processes.

If you’re not attempting to circumvent these processes and are learning to appreciate the importance of each step, you’re on the right pastry-making class.

3. People are starting to commend your kitchen skills

Some kitchen techniques are universal. Some of your learnings from the pastry cooking class can manifest in the kitchen—even if you’re not making pastries.

“These could be in picking and measuring ingredients, knife skills, and organisation of kitchen equipment. Understanding the basics of cooking will help improve, not only your cooking but also your efficiency and safety in the kitchen.”, says Nate Hawking, a food and nutrition expert at Monkeyfoodz.

4. You’re starting to make better food choices

In a pastry cooking class, you’ll learn the science behind the food you eat. You’ll know if the ingredients used, and the cooking process was right. As a result, you become more meticulous of your food choices.

You can tell that you’re in a good pastry cooking class if you’re inspired to prepare healthier food using high-quality ingredients. Here are 14 healthier ingredient substitutions!

5. You’ve become more confident not only in the kitchen

Acquiring a new skill can boost one’s self-confidence. Once you’ve overcome the major obstacles in cooking pastries and have become comfortable in the kitchen, you’ll be inspired to achieve more goals.

Attending a good pastry cooking class teaches patience, determination, attention-to-detail, and creativity. These values, when cultivated, add up to your overall confidence.

Do you want to be more confident? Master several dishes!

6. You’re considering a career in culinary arts

One of the strongest indications that you’re in the right pastry-making class is when you’re starting to think of becoming a chef. It means you’re seeing and accepting all the triumph and challenges that are attached to the food preparation industry.

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Written by Eliana Evison