Artisan European Bread

To really appreciate bread and to make it right, you need three ingredients: technique, patience (lots of it!) and love… If you have them all, I will turn you into a master baker.

We guaranteed that you will know how to make the best baguette by the end of the course.

What you will learn in this course:

In this course you will learn how to make different yeast based dough for the production of bread including milk bread, pumpkin bread, mixed seeds bread, fruit bread and the traditional French baguette, dinner roll and loaf.

For some of the bread that you will make you will be using sour dough. After this course you will look at bread in a different way, and when you will have tasted it… you will really think twice and choose carefully where you buy your bread from or just continue making it yourself.

Element performance criteria:

  • Mixing (by hand and machine) and resting different doughs.
  • Making sour dough.
  • Shaping dough into: rolls, balls, loaf and mini rolls in assorted shapes.
  • Proving techniques.
  • Baking techniques (dry baking, steam baking).

These recipes and techniques are the basis of most breads and will give you the knowledge to create many variations from them.

Students will take home their products. (I hope you like bread!)

Recipe book and apron will be provided at the beginning of the course, for student to keep.

Prerequisites: No prerequisite for this course – open to public and trade.

Course Duration: 7.5 hours

Price: $220.00

Essential reading prior to attending: Safety Information

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